We couldn't love these two any more!

The face says it all....

Will my Slava Siberian get along with my dog?  A:  Yes!!!!

I wanted to update you on Kona! She is wonderful! She and our chocolate lab are getting along so well and have become best friends and snuggle buddies. She is so curious and friendly towards everyone! Her coat is so soft and she is up to 6lbs 12oz! Thank you again for such an amazing addition to our family!

~ Lauren and Michael

He's such an awesome cat. Talks all the time... especially when he's trying to figure out how to jump up on something.  He isn't afraid of anyone either. Loves playing in tunnels so he has a few of those that he stalks and attacks us and the dogs from. He sleeps in his cat tree throughout the night. I have one in my room and one in the living room. He comes when called (most of the time) and when the dogs get their treat, Bowser will run and jump on the kitchen chair and await for a treat himself!