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We feed and recommend Life's Abundance!  Click on the icon or here to visit my personal Life's Abundance Home Page to see their entire product line of dry and canned catfood, treats, and more!  They also have product lines for dogs and humans, too!   Life's Abundance is not available in retail stores - only directly through their website.   It is shipped direct to your door and you can choose auto shipments so you never run out!    Life's Abundance is a premium quality food, and is lower in cost than many other premium brands.   Contact me directly if you have more questions about Life's Abundance!

Litter Robot 3

We recommend the Litter Robot for busy families!  Failure to clean litter boxes on at least a daily basis can cause litter box avoidance.   Litter Robot does the scooping for you, giving your kitty a fresh surface each time they need to go, and makes clean up quick and easy!  Click on the picture for your $25 discount!